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Hostile Environment PSD Course




Saint Training Corporation in collaboration with our Thailand partner Pioneer Protective Services Group (PPSG) will be conducting a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT PSD Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

The aim of this course to train students to the standard required of an operator in a PSD team and enable students to competently fulfil the various roles and positions within the team.

This course is ideally suited for security professionals (CPO’s) and professionals whose duties may require them to deploy to high risk areas as part of a PSD (either as an operator or client).

Instruction on the course includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Mission planning and orders
  • Route reconnaissance and intelligence gathering
  • PSD convoy formations and actions on
  • IED Introduction and awareness
  • Weapon transition drills
  • Close Quarter battle shooting
  • Combat medical training
  • Vehicle preparation and operation essential equipment
  • Types of operator equipment including PPE , load bearing , bail out bags , medical kit
  • Vehicle extraction and crossover drills ( including live fire )
  • Communications and navigation
  • CPP walking drills and formations
  • Counter Ambush drills
  • Mounted and dismounted PSD SOPs and drills
  • Scenario training using live fire and simulated firing drills

The course is a combination of theory conducted in lecture rooms and field classrooms, and practical training in field training areas and weapons ranges. Also vehicle training will be conducted within private facilities with full range of road types and surfaces.
Training missions and planning will also incorporate well known landmarks in the Chiang Mai area, in the form of venue and route reconnaissance, road moves and on site TTPs.

Students are to arrange own return flights to Chiang Mai, Thailand. PPSG can arrange lodging in approved hotels or students can arrange accommodation themselves.

Recommended accommodation is at the GREEN LAKE RESORT, Chiang Mai which is situated in close proximity to course training facilities.


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